Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Wonders of Tumeric

Why you should eat turmeric Photo from the Internet

If you are new to the wonders of Tumeric then there is more to this healing herb than meets the palate.
You've probably heard of this exotic sounding spice, found mostly in Eastern recipes, so perhaps you have not had the chance to try it.
Aside from its growing popularity as a cooking herb world wide these days, Tumeric is also known to be one of Nature's most powerful healing herbs. The root of the plant is somewhat similar in appearance to ginger although well recognised by its bright yellow root; it is typically dried & used as a seasoning, most commonly in Indian dishes, but it can now be more readily found in selected Supermarkets & Health Food shops in its fresh form. Internally ingested or outwardly absorbed, Tumeric is a benefit packed wonder herb & can help keep you healthy inside & out. This savoury herb contains a bevy of health benefits including reducing inflammation in the body & assisting the brain to continue functioning efficiently well into old age.
The bright yellow colour has been known to put some people off using Tumeric as it is well known to stain clothes mercilessly with the slightest drip or splash! An Indian lady once told me to wash the clothing item as usual & lie on the grass to dry & the stain will disappear.......well she is right, it does work brilliantly, so there is no need to be concerned about possible unsightly stains.
My constant reminder continues however......I strongly believe, through personal experience, that including emotional work in any desire for an extraordinary & healthy life is a vital component & swallowing all the herbs, pills & even great food that God provides for our wellbeing in Nature, is only part of any solution. Honouring the sacredness & gift of life through keeping our bodies healthy & nutritionally supplied with natural whole foods is part of this challenge, but as an example, will not help too much if we are angry, resentful, non forgiving & without compassion, gratitude & love.
In our household, I add a little Tumeric to some soups & stir fries, dips, curries & veggie dishes. I find it does not have a particularly strong flavour if used in moderation so there is an opportunity to add it to many recipes as an additional part of any diet. I think it would be fair to say however, that I tend to leave it out of recipes when entertaining guests, but this is really not necessary & purely a personal choice I make. I find it does turn the dish yellow without too much encouragement, so in some instances this may need to be considered if presentation is taken into account!


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