About Me

I live with my beautiful husband, Michael at Kyabra Station, Kentucky in Northern NSW & I have the gift of sharing my dreams & passions with our daughter in law, Eloisa, youngest son, Peter & their three children who also live here on the property with us. We are in the process of transitioning Kyabra to Divine Love principals in all decisions made, which will create a totally self -sustainable property incorporating environmental & spiritual considerations. We have deep gratitude to Jeshua & Mary (www.divinetruth.com ) in helping us in this process.
My background began with a nursing career in the 60’s, but after a near death experience, I was drawn to change direction & counsel & facilitate those suffering from life threatening illnesses. People are often “so frightened to die” & from my own experience I recognised that life definitely continues once we shed the physical body; for this reason I created a Healing Centre on the property & specialised for 25 years in supporting patients dying , especially those suffering from Cancer & HIV/Aids. We sold this property in the Southern Highlands in 1997 & moved to the New England area in Northern NSW.
Up until 12 months ago I really felt I had retired & spent most of my days enjoying the new property & floating around without direction! One day I was pondering on my career days & realised that I had spent the entire time teaching others how to deal with “the effects” of their illness & disease rather than addressing “the causal emotions” & reasons why they had made unhealthy life choices in the first place! 
In January 2012, I decided to do something about this oversight, in relation to my own health & wellbeing. I recognised that I was carrying excess weight, aging considerably & feeling generally unmotivated. I had embraced Jeshua & Mary’s teachings for some time but my emotional processing under Divine Love principals had opened “a can of worms”. I was beginning to work through some huge issues, and I also realised the interconnectedness between emotional injuries, health & of course the experiences & outcomes we attract to ourselves!
So….I decided to take the “bull by the horns” rather than run away & hide & in January 2012 I stepped into the fear & trained as a Gourmet Raw Chef at the Institute of Light in the U.S.A. I have much to be grateful for, especially the Staff at the Institute. I was by far the oldest Student & I had many a meltdown in class!! It was explained that tears and food together, are not complementary, as the tears & snot get in the food!! This was hilarious in my view but practical at the same time, so I had to step aside if I was feeling the need to cry & then wash my hands well before resuming food preparation!
My training introduced me to the magic of Gourmet Raw Foods from Mother Nature’s Pantry & I discovered how absolutely delicious & amazing raw recipes can be. Imagine not having to use meat, dairy, gluten products, sugar or processed ingredients to create divine recipes within the wonderful world of Gourmet Raw Vegan Cuisine……my new found Passion was born & a deep desire to share my discovery with anyone interested!!


  1. That's really cool Susan! Good for you :-)
    Thanks for the heads up re: tears & snot & food LOL!!!
    I am sitting here amazed that I have 'stumbled' upon your blog - thanks for sharing and I look forward to the time when I can learn more from you.

    With love, Cecilia

  2. Susan, wow, thank-you for sharing of yourself and your passion. Its truly beautiful.

    I feel so thrilled to see you in your desires and sharing with us all!

    Sending so much love to you,


  3. Well Susan, you never cease to amaze me. You are an inspiration to all who cross your path. I am sending your blog site on to all my friends who will benefit from your training and dedication. You really practise Sacred Activisim to the full extent.

    With very much love...Noni...oxox

  4. Greetings from Finland Susan. It seem that you were there when god shared the kitchen skills. Wonderful.
    Your daughters name ELOISA means in Finnish language, lively or high-spirited.

    In Finland we have this great mushroom called chaga, it grows on the side of the birch(silver birch i think) I would love to send you some.
    It is the only living thing that destroys cancer cells in a test tube, and it has many healthy effects.

    You can find some information about it on internet, if you don't already know it.
    Much love and thank you for recipes. Markku

  5. Dear Susan, I'm so thrilled to find your blog site! So full of wonderful food ideas and inspiration.Thank you:) Can't wait to pass it on and embrace more raw food eating from your amazing recipes! With love from Fiona xx (in Tassy!)