Friday, 17 April 2015

Cherie Soria's Healthy Tips

I am one of Cherie's greatest admirers; she owns the Living Light Culinary Institute where I trained some years ago as a Raw Food Chef & she always breaks knowledge down so simply, so anyone can understand at a glance how best to look after our bodies; I thought you might like to consider some of her dietary suggestions, those healthy choices to include in your diet, and those, when regularly consumed, are more likely to lead to health issues as time goes by. Each & every mouthful is creating & maintaining our bodies, so wisdom is called for if we wish to stay away from Doctors & live a long & healthy life.
Here are Cherie's guidelines.

Top 10 Diet Enemies - Top 10 Diet Allies

There are of course additional factors, other than food, affecting our health, stress being one of them along with unhealed & suppressed emotions; the latter plays a big role & we see this with childhood damage being carried into adulthood & affecting lives in many ways when not addressed.

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