Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fruit & Veggie Carvings


I was looking at some fruit carvings on the Internet recently & thought I would like to share these couple of relatively simple designs with you......needless to say it is a complete Art in itself & many do elaborate pieces for table decorations at Weddings & all kinds of Celebrations. Asian Cultures are especially clever in creating amazing masterpieces.

Carved Radish Flowers--Noi's Fruit Carving

Watermelon Bunny

Pear salad with beautiful presentation!

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Strawberry Owl

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The traditional art of Thai fruit carving including watermelon carving, began in Thailand in the 14th century during the reign of King Phra Ruang, the 1st King of the Sukothai Kingdom. The first fruit carving is said to have been created to decorate a kratong during the Thai festival of Loy Kratong. Originally seen only in the Royal Court of Siam, Thai craftsmen and women have, over the last seven centuries, transformed the ancient craft of fruit carving into an art form of exquisite beauty unsurpassed elsewhere in the world and fantastic examples can be seen at weddings and feasts as well as being on display in many of the larger hotels in Thailand. Thai fruit carving is also prominent as part of religious offerings.


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