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So what is a Vegan?

This post is purely presented for your consideration. I myself remain not totally Vegan in my food choices all of the time, but I note that it is becoming a natural progression, as I embrace more & more Divine Truth in my daily life.

What is a Vegan?

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So what is a vegan? The simple answer is that a vegan is someone who does not eat meat, eggs or dairy. In a restaurant how often is the question from the waiter, so you can eat fish...(.my answer is usually "no...nothing with eyes & a face! This generally makes it easier for others to quickly get the overall understanding, which is a sufficient explanation around a dinner table!) But there is so much more to it than that.
First, let's start with a little background information.  There is a growing concern among many that consumption of dairy and eggs is as unethical as is the consumption of meat, whilst others definitely feel this is a fact.

"...our present civilization is built on the exploitation of animals, just as past civilizations were built on the exploitation of slaves, and we believe the spiritual destiny of man is such that in time he will view with abhorrence the idea that men once fed on the products of animals' and their bodies..."

So although the original answer to the question  "What is a vegan?" is largely based on an ethical refusal to exploit animals, there is also a strong sense in more recent years that nutritionally the consumption of animal products are not healthy choices. 

Fast forward to 2005 and the publication of The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, professor emeritus of nutritional biochemistry at Cornell University. Dr. Campbell's unprecedented study spanned over 20 years and involved data collected on over 6500 human test subjects - The findings were incredible. Dr. Campbell and his colleagues were able to show a very powerful connection between the consumption of animal proteins and the development of disease in humans.
In particular, Dr. Campbell discovered that casein, the protein found in dairy, is particularly correlated with tumor development. The China study was actually able to show that tumor growth could be turned on and off by introducing or withdrawing casein from the diet.

( Please note that I personally feel there is far more to this study by Dr Campbell than just diet....I have come to understand that the growth of tumors & all illnesses are emotionally based, created by the Soul, through living out of harmony with God's Laws. It is interesting that the Medical profession continues to connect food choices  largely with illness & has endless studies & data to support this.  From my personal perspective, I do believe that healthy food choices are part of loving ourselves, & continuously supporting & honoring the body & our environment; this becomes even more vital if healing is required, whilst the emotions associated with the illness, are being addressed. Greatly simplifying it, the emotional issue is the cause of why we make the unhealthy food & lifestyle choices in the first place...... I am not a Medical Doctor however and one's journey to health is a personal responsibility so I am only presenting additional aspects you may or may not wish to consider. There is additional information on this subject available on under the FAQ segment, if you wish to look into it further.)

 To complete this Post....
Veganism is not just a diet, but a choice to live more consciously; this has gradually caught on and veganism has now spread worldwide. I was surprised recently just how many Raw Food & Vegan choices are popping up on menus in many restaurants around the Country.
So what is a vegan then? A vegan is someone who chooses to live in harmony with the earth and its creatures rather than in supremacy over it/them. Vegans make conscious choices every day, most decide to:
  • eat only plant-based foods
  • insure that the plant-based foods they eat have not been exploited using genetic modification or poisonous chemicals
  • promote green consciousness and sustainable living
  • Many vegans will not use any animal products which include cosmetics, leather shoes & clothing etc. These choices often result in more research for the required article.

Vegan Nutrition Food Pyramid

When you switch to any diet, you need to understand the nutritional gains and losses. Vegan nutrition is no different. Whilst your body will now be enjoying the change in diet, whole foods, the variety and quantity is important to staying healthy. 

This Food Pyramid I found on the Internet, so I apologize for it not being very clear. 

  • Vegetables and Fruit (41%)
  • Whole grains (33%)
  • Non-meat proteins, oils, natural sweetners, salt & condiments, nuts, etc. (26%)

Are you worried about a lack of variety or a very common question...where do I get my protein? These are all Fear based emotions and you will find that once you address the fear, in other words truly Feel it & understand that it originated most probably from belief systems placed on us by others, that in becoming a vegan  your health will actually improve and the body will not be lacking in any nutritional way! 
You may be surprised at how many different options you have when you start to research the kinds of food that make up the different nutritional groups. With the range of foods available now, you can even think outside your traditional cuisine or you can consider more Raw Living Food Recipes where the choices become extraordinary.

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