Thursday, 31 January 2013

Greek Mythology

I call it The Persephone Principle…

In ancient Greek Mythology, the soul is usually represented by the goddess Persephone (per-se-fo-nee).  And when I read the story about Persephone I recognized something about my own story (and maybe YOUR story too)…
Persephone was the daughter of Demeter, who we think of as “Mother Nature”.
When Persephone was kidnapped and hidden underground, Mother Nature was so upset that the whole world became barren and infertile.  Nothing would grow or bloom.  Life began to die off as no plants would sprout and no babies were born.
But when Persephone escaped from her prison where she had been hidden away beneath the ground… nature rejoiced… and the world once again filled with life energy, flowers bloomed, the plants grew strong, and all of life thrived.
Of course this is just a story… but when you consider that Persephone represents the soul, you begin to understand what this story means.
"My Own Reflections"..........
I am noticing that as I release anger, fear & pain from my soul, my body is slowly changing along with many other things in my life.I think my soul's struggles and emotions  have been hidden underground for most of my life and it is definitely now time to bring everything, warts and all, into the sunshine! I have always been "at war" with my body which I now recognize as a major flaw in my attitude & beliefs about it; in fact I have not loved myself at all and I have taken my body for granted without even a thought, so no wonder my body has given me "many cries for help" over all the years ; needless to say there is now much regret about my own self abuse of  my precious body! After all, it houses my soul & allows me to frolick & play in this wonderful playground we call Earth! Part of looking after myself is being aware of the food I am eating and the exercise I do each day; tuning in to what my body is telling me about healthy choices, working through emotional issues and the resulting effect this has on every cell, has been a revelation!
Finally the lights are turning on & I am seeing & feeling just how unloving and out of harmony with God's Laws I have been; God gave me such a perfect body, and it was only my own actions that caused me pain and suffering about it. There is some  forgiving of myself required at this point ,along with a vastly new viewpoint of my body & self!! 
Thank You to the Goddess Persephone in Greek Mythology, for confirming my own awakenings of self that I have been discovering over recent months!

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