Friday, 11 January 2013

Colds,Coughs and Flu.....Pam's recipe

I met a very interesting lady, Pam in America (a year ago now);
The icy conditions in the Northern Hemisphere at the moment ( whilst we are sweltering with records of 30-48 degrees with massive fires raging throughout many States of Australia!) reminded me of a Recipe Pam swears by to clear up any chest & lung complaints.
She told the story of having pneumonia & being hospitalized. Her condition became extremely serious  but treatment seemed to only temporarily help; She was discharged on high doses of antibiotics and told to go home, rest & sit in the sun! She decided that she did not wish to take any further antibiotics as they had proven to be largely ineffective with her particular infection, so the sun was it!
At this point she heard about a" Natural Cure"; she admitted to being initially skeptical but agreed to try it.
Vola!  Within days she began improving dramatically & it has now become her No1 recommendation for Coughs & Flu.


Juice two  fresh Pineapples
Blend up 2 cups of fresh Spinach to every 4 cups of Pineapple Juice.
Pam doubled this recipe
Drink continuously  until symptoms subside, generally within a couple of days.
Pam was of the opinion that the enzymes & anti bacterial components in this recipe are the secret, and spinach is a lung cleanser.

An additional comment worth considering:
It may also be worth visiting some deeply suppressed grief and working through some of these long held emotional issues.
This too is a "Natural Cure" & may prevent similar illnesses occuring in the future!

P.S. If the Medical Scene is more for you, consider receiving Dr Sircus, a well known American Physican's Newsletter;  he is a great advocate of using more natural treatments in his Practice especially magnesium, iodine, sodium bicarbonate,selenium assist the immune system, alkalise & eliminate many physical ailments.( Newsletter )
 This of course is bandaiding the effect & not addressing the cause, but may support the body whilst going through the emotional component.

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