Tuesday, 17 July 2012

On Making a Decision

If you are reading this, then may I suggest that there is a large part of you that desires to be healthy, both physically & emotionally, & to incorporate more living foods into your diet.
Living Food is the yummiest food on earth, it is where all other flavors come from. The basic flavors, textures, colors & the amazing  smell of fresh, ripe individual living foods are given to us from God's Nature Kingdom. All of these things have something divinely perfect in their essence; we can see and feel a part of God's individual nature here; His/Her sense of design, magnificent beauty & perfection and His/Her Love for us in providing such luscious abundance, it's truly awesome! I have found that Gratitude naturally arises from this conscious experience.
 As we eat more & more raw living foods, we are coming into an age of sumptuous orchestrations and true masterpieces which not just please the palate but invigorate our whole being, bringing us more in touch with ourselves & our emotions, both pleasurable & otherwise. This gives us the opportunity both physically & emotionally, to heal those parts within us that are not serving who we really are & become more of who we were born to be; by truly connecting with "the feeling" that the human soul is "the Pinnacle of God's Creation" allows us to recognise our beauteous qualities as well as our addictions, false beliefs & attitudes that we may have discovered & those emotional injuries we carry, inflicted by ourselves & others.
Just know that being humble enough to feel through the many layers of these darker truths about ourselves, brings a New Awakening, Passion & Desire to embrace Life more fully in all it's wonderment!
When I sit down to enjoy my meal, I "take two".......first I look at my plate & take in how beautiful it looks with such an array of living colour.......then I close my eyes & smell the food......I take a mouthful with my eyes closed & truly taste it, identifying if possible, individual ingredients that make up the dish....I become aware of texture, the balance of flavors & aftertaste if there is any.....& the pleasure possibly surging through my body, the delight I get in such a sumptuous feast! I find this has become a wonderful thing for me to do; appreciation naturally rises to the fore & a deep gratitude for the blessings given to me freely, from our Creator.

A Few Meal Planning Ideas you may like to try, supporting 90% Raw Living Food Choices
Raw recipes for suggestions below can be sourced on the internet.

On Waking
I like to have a big drink of fresh water, (sometimes with a squeeze of lemon)

  • Smoothies
  • Green Juice
  • Fresh fruit/ fruit salad with coconut, nut or seed yogurt
  • Nut milk
  • Sprouted buckwheat Granola

Lunch and/or Dinner
  • A large green salad with a variety of veggies & sprouts, with a dressing of choice every day
  • Crudites & raw crackers with a dip, a pate or a seed cheese
  • Wraps or Rolls, using lettuce, or Asian greens to wrap your filling
  • A raw veggie curry or veggie stir fry
  • Raw Pizza or a piece of Lasagne or a Burger with a sauce of choice & perhaps a small salad
  • A Veggie Soup, slightly warmed with a Nori or Rice Paper Roll ( these are not strickly raw)
  • Stuffed Mushrooms with basil pesto & salad ( I like to constantly change the salad combinations & dressings for variety & flavor)
  • Guacamole with a selection of raw veggies and or crackers; I sometimes add some sprouted herbed grain like millet or quinoa;buckwheat, although not technically a grain, is also delicious
  • Crepes can be a lovely change with a filling & sauce of choice 
  • A Theme Dinner  Try Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Indian for a change. ( recipes for raw foods using these themes are readily available on the internet)
  • Smoothie sometimes if  I didn't have one for breakfast & I'm in a hurry.
  • Nut butter spread on some crackers with avocado, tomato & sprouts
  • If you are desiring something sweet, try finishing the meal with a piece of raw desert ( pie, cake, pudding, cookie or even a couple of raw homemade chocolates!), otherwise some fresh fruit. I personally tend to make this a treat occasionally, not a daily occurence!
Throughout the day
I like to drink lots of fresh water by choice, sometimes a herbal tea. If I feel like a snack I usually go for some soaked nuts, fresh fruit or even a couple of carrot & celery sticks.

I wish you Healthy Choices & amazing results on simply "Making A Decision"
Love Susan


  1. thank you Susan, this is a great resource! I found some nutritional yeast the other day so plan to have a go at that cracker and vegan cheese dip thing :)

  2. Just reading your blog for the first time, Susan. I'm truly inspired! Thanks so much for sharing your passion so freely and honestly. with love, Diana