Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thanks Everyone for Helping with this Raw Food Event

A Community Event, run by Landcare was held in Uralla on 19th May. I was asked to cater for this, providing raw morning and afternoon teas and a 3 course Raw Gourmet luncheon. We made food for 80 people.Dr. Carole Hungerford was the Speaker for the day, a woman on a mission to educate Doctors, patients & the wider community about a nutrition-based approach to healthy living.
I was most grateful to have Eloisa, Pamela, Joy, Teresa, Vanessa, Annie and Matthew help me, such a gift and a big thank you everyone. 


Thanks Peter for taking these photos on the day.


  1. WOW!!!! Looks AMAZING!!!!
    Well done Sue & the crew... I'd like to be a guest at an event like that!!! :)
    Such a healthy gift to give to the community!

  2. Looking at these photos makes me hungry! I wish Dr. Carol Hungerford would come to the states and talk to our doctors about nutrition. The attendees definitely had a good example of healthy eating that day.