Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Chips....French Fries...Who doesn't love them!

 French Fries ...Chips, call them what you will, but I think the whole planet loves them...Just ask McDonalds! I came across this recipe on the Internet recently & I thought some of you might like to try these little numbers......perhaps not a fair imitation of "the real thing" but still pretty yummy & a recipe your children might enjoy for a change.
raw food diet recipe


4 kohlrabis
1/2 cups cold pressed olive or hemp seed oil
2 teaspoons cumin
1 teaspoon sea salt
Cut the kohlrabis like french fries (julienne). You can do this with a knife, but it's easiest with a mandoline. Put the kohlrabis in a bowl.
Put the oil, cumin and salt in a bowl. Mix. Pour over the fries. Let sit for at least 10 min. Then drain and scoop onto some paper towels (to take off excess oil).

280px-Koolrabi A kohlrabi is a cabbage of a variety with an edible turnip like swollen stem. It's a crossing between wild cabbage and white beet. It's white and pretty sweet. You can find Kohlrabi in many fruit & veggie outlets these days, but they often go unnoticed; strange looking veggies tend to be avoided by many shoppers as they have no idea how to use them. If you can't find these, they are part of the turnip family & turnips are cheap & have been used for generations as a staple to bulk up recipes.

Tomato Sauce for dipping!

3 tomatoes
3 pieces sun dried tomatoes
5 dates (or 1/2 teaspoon stevia and 4 more sun dried tomatoes)
1 squeeze lemon juice
1/2 cup pure water
Put all ingredients in a blender. On the bottom of the blender the water, lemon juice and tomatoes, on top the dried tomatoes and dates. Blend well. This will be easier if you leave the sun dried tomatoes sit in water for a few hours.

This might be a winner snack in your family, so perhaps you might like to give them a try.

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