Thursday, 18 September 2014

Rainbows are a Girl's Best Friend!

I was thinking of Rainbows this long since we have had a really good rain storm with the gutters bubbling over, but there are Rainbows about..Yes I drove through a really big one only a few days ago, & I felt like that little girl experiencing fairy land for the first time & creating a wish or wondering where the pot of gold was hidden!
Now talking about Rainbows.......Nature abounds in them & this brings me to our food selection.
Greens, greens, "eat your greens" rings in my ears from childhood, although after being boiled to within an inch of their life, the greens became browns! It certainly didn't encourage me to devour my greens........ and what about all the oranges, yellows,reds,purples & blues?

Eating a Rainbow of colour does not apply to adding a handful of M&M'S to the plate! I am talking about living plants,..... veggies & fruit. Does our diet fall into the beige category with porridge or cereal for breakfast with croissants, a sandwich or soup for lunch & pasta for dinner? Pretty bland, eh? It's the tiny compounds that create the colour in fruit & veggies that is so awesome, this is where the magic happens & what contributes to a healthy diet. Plants use colours as their protective mechanisms, their security blanket for the sun & pests, but also to attract birds & insects for pollination & seed dispersal. Those colours are the sources of powerful phytonutrients or photochemicals which amongst other things, when consumed, stimulate enzymes that help the body eliminate toxins & boost the immune system. These protective mechanisms of plants, are powerful defenders of our health so you can see why, even with this very simple explanation, that a bland, beige diet is far from ideal.
There is such a variety of colour to choose from, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue & white, all representing different families of natural healing chemicals. In Nature plant foods come in a painter's palette of colour. May I gently suggest that next time you go shopping, that you think "Rainbow" into your shopping basket & see just what an array of colour you can find for your weekly meals. It can be fun to try new veggies or fruits & if you don't know what to do with them, Google .......& up comes numerous ideas, even recipes. Eating the Rainbow is simple & is an important step in increasing Raw life giving foods into your diet. Just including one fruit & 3-4 veggies in each of your meals will make a massive difference as to how quickly you bounce out of bed each day!
Shop & cook with colour, pack colour into your refrigorator & onto your plate & watch the magic happen!

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