Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Microwave Ovens

We are always looking towards making our lives easier with new innovations. Microwave ovens are certainly not new to the average kitchen or family,but what we fail to understand is that not all innovations are  necessarily good for our health.Microwave ovens are such an invention and is widely considered a healthy convenience, although research would indicate otherwise. There is a huge body of research out there to support that using one is a very unhealthy practice and destroys the nutritive value of our food..

If you use a microwave to heat or cook food you may want to reconsider your choices, before placing your overall health in the hands of a so called "harmless" man made invention. Over the last couple of decades, microwave ovens are considered almost a necessity for reheating food quickly, daily food preparation or cooking vegetables; rarely will you find a kitchen without one! They are convenient, fast and energy efficient but at what cost to our health? They are so easy to use as it only takes minutes to put a cooked meal on the table, but if we consider logically what happens to the nutritive value of the food in the process, we may wish to reconsider.
You probably already know that a microwave oven essentially uses microwave radiation to heat the polarized molecules in the food. Unfortunately these microwave radiations actually distort the molecule structure of the food, and the healthy nutrients in the food are destroyed during heating in these ovens. What happens when radiation is used to zap cancers, it kills and destroys all the healthy as well as the cancerous cells in the area where the rays are focused, doesn't it? Why do you think the Russian Government banned them in their Country from 1976?

Imagine what happens when baby formula and baby food is zapped in one, a common practice in many households. It's like feeding fake food to the child without any real nutrients; the same applies to many Restaurant meals that we pay good money for.....ironical, isn't it?

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