Thursday, 28 November 2013

Lets still Love Ourselves with Holidays Approaching

With the Holiday Season approaching I am aware that for many of us, the added pressure of family visits or being their guest, can have an additional emotional toll when it comes to food;  for some of us, we just want "to fit in", not "cause waves" 'keep everyone happy" by serving them food you know they love, even if it isn't particularly healthy or in line with our own ethical choices, & the addictive list of emotions that surface (of being "different") can be quite long!
In the meantime we forget about loving ourselves, our healthy choices and the life style we are working towards implementing! The need to explain, appear different from everyone else, jump through every hoop to please everyone, looms, as more & more people flow through the door......can anyone relate to this? "Fear" raises it's familiar head, what will people think, will they still love me, will they tease & berate me, criticize my choices, even judge what I choose to serve them in our home......
discussions like.... " breakfast, I'm soo hungry, I usually like eggs with bacon shall we poach them...well actually I haven't got any eggs or bacon! or.... "shall I light the BBQ, where's the steak"..."oh so you don't eat meat, well I had better help you fix the cheese platter"...well No, there's a nut cheese over there, a dip & some veggie crudites! "I'm hanging out for a beer, have you another frig somewhere that houses all the alcohol?" Well No, we can make up a delicious fruit punch! "Perhaps it's time we all had a meal in town"! Yes, that's fine but it's an 80 km round trip, do you still want to go!
These are conversations that we can be so fearful of having ; we can even have beliefs about what is socially acceptable and what is seen in some households as "normal" living.Some of us even find ourselves avoiding these friends or family in such challenging situations.
I remember my brother & family coming for a holiday not so long ago & his comment  on leaving, was...."well, we did survive the food & no alcohol in the cupboard; I know you went to a lot of trouble in preparing meals but it's certainly not the way I would eat from choice!" My fears were certainly realised in this feedback!

Eating healthy food does not mean a carrot stick or rabbit food. Including more fresh living foods in our diets will bring its own reward, we don't need to be fanatical about it, and I don't believe we have to necessarily be 100% Raw; this becomes a personal choice.

I would like to thank Raw Pleasure for this article; I think you might find it interesting & I wonder how many of us have contemplated on the points mentioned in this article; I know it is an area I have explored & I am still working on the addictive emotional components that sabotage my best intentions at times.

Eat Raw Because You Love YourselfPrint
Written by Jennie Murphy   
Recently I had an interesting chat to a lovely gentleman who said he ate raw because he hated his body. My heart
twisted as he spoke because I knew how he felt. I too have hated my body despite the fact that it's a miracle in itself.
This man hates his body because it has pimples and is weak among other things.
"Will you eat raw if you get clear skin and become strong?" I asked him?
"Probably not" he responded. "Once I'm strong I'll always be strong" and he seemed to conveniently forget that he also
 "hated" (such a strong word!) the acne.
I marvel at these people who have such confidence in themselves that they cannot imagine how it feels to dislike
 yourself intensely. 
The message I have here for you all, is to eat Raw, not because you hate your body, but because you love it and, dare I
suggest that you love yourselves as well. Love it for it's ability to release toxic muck via the skin. Love it because it still
struggles to get you through the day even when starving for nutrition.
Love your body because it heals so quickly.
Love your body because it wants you to do well.
Take it to the next level, love yourself enough to eat optimal foods. You are not missing out. If you go to your Mum's or
a friend's place and they're all eating junk while you're eating a fruit platter, or a salad meal, or a raw version of what
 they're having, they are missing out. Not you. They're missing out on vital nutrition. They're missing out on the flavours
of fresh whole foods. They're missing out on health and vitality even if they don't know it.
You eat Raw because you Love yourself. It's as simple as that. Even if you feel like you hate yourself, you don't. 
Somewhere down deep, you love yourself at levels you can't imagine. Otherwise,you'd be continuing with your slow
 suicide of over processed, toxic crud the powers that be allow corporations to label as food. Embrace that feeling of
 loving yourself, eat Raw and enjoy life.
<3 Jennie xx

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