Monday, 5 August 2013

Are you being Tested ?

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Since I have started addressing my food choices I have met with a lot of resistance, confusion & even criticism,  in restaurants, with friends who knew the old me & especially when socializing or sharing a meal with some family members! Becoming a vegetarian was "big" for them to relate to as they are all avid meat eaters, but moving on to a Vegan lifestyle, has thrown them a "spinner" from left field..."what on earth can I feed you" is the common cry! Funny how it affects others but also my own behavior; when we have different view points or choose to be different, it can really set a cat among the pigeons. I have found the temptation to step into line & not cause waves, can be overwhelming, I even find my addiction to please others so great that I sometimes find myself taking my own meal or taking a plate of something I can share & at least eat, if there is nothing vegan prepared by the hostess! ridiculous is that? Emotions bubble to the surface like an effervescent mirage of  " I don't want to cause anyone extra trouble in making something special, feelings of embarrassment or feelings of being so different from the rest of the alien in the midst of so called friends or aquaintances"...the list of emotions that come up is actually longer, but I won't bore you with them all!
 We’re tested everyday, no matter who we are and what we do. This applies to our values, our philosophy on life, what we believe is ethical & moral, what we stand up for, our Spiritual doesn't mean we have to preach to others or try & convince them of our ways, but we can be the example & be willing to share our beliefs with others, if we are asked.  We’re tested by the Universe, our Law of Attraction, to see if we’re ready for the next phase, we’re tested by potential and current friends & acquaintances, even our partners, to see if we are living what we speak about!  And Yes..., we even test others in this way too —  I know I have been known to do so!
When you make the change to a different lifestyle, you are setting an example, so you will be tested to see if you walk your talk. Yes, we may know that everyone would benefit from knowing some "Truth".....perhaps including at least a little more raw food in our diet in this case, or on a spiritual note, knowing about " Divine Truth" ( ) & receiving more of God's Divine Love which supports us in really knowing ourselves & assists towards improving our Soul Condition".  Many people who might hear you talk about these things become interested on some level. That’s why it may cause initial interest, but people want to see that you believe in it first;  they may observe you from afar to see if it is working for you, often before they check it out through researching it for themselves, or before they take it on board properly.
They want to see it’s not a fad, that it’s not just another phase you’re going through! Certainly in my life I have gone through many of these phases so I can't really blame those who know me, of being a little skeptical!  I would like to think that healthy eating & desiring to receive more & more of God's Divine Love isn’t a phase for me personally, ( even though I still fall over at times) & that it has become part of who I am & who I desire to be. It’s not something you can unlearn when you know about it, even more so, when you have actually experienced it — you can’t forget the energy, how much better you feel, how much more inspired, passionate about life & how more connected to God and more loving you feel. This becomes part of who you are, it can be with you for life.
So when you walk your talk, when you’re non judgmental of other's choices (or of yourself if you eat that processed sugary snack in a weak moment!) , and when you follow a path that people may not see the truth in (yet), you give them a gift. You give them the gift of example, and you make it easier for them to see the doorway, ultimately leaving it for them to decide whether they want to go through it or not; if someones not yet ready to change or include something new in their life, then it is unloving to be pestering them or seeing them as "your project" to change them, placing them on your "hit" list!! Only joking, but I'm sure you know what I mean; we have all probably been a little over zealous when we discover something amazing on more than one occasion, & been inclined to drive those around us mad wanting them to look at the information or even change their current beliefs! 
You’re a pioneer, you are maybe in the top 10% of the population  because you dare to be different. (just an estimate!) You have dared to ask questions of your own, you have experimented for yourself and you have decided what is best for you. How awesome is that?

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